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 BLA message to the Baloch Nation

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: BLA message to the Baloch Nation   2007-09-12, 11:21 am

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

BLA message to the Baloch Nation

Our Baloch people our Baloch nation!

The condition of Baloch nation is not hidden from anyone, seven years back from now the Punjabi occupiers who think themselves as our masters and treat us as their slaves were giving the jobs of gardeners to our educated youth, the Baloch federal and provincial ministers also were doing the same thing, there used to be only one vacancy ( gardener ) for hundreds of educated ( graduate ) Baloch youngsters, but today when Baloch people stood against the army and resisting it the enemy started showing kindness and offering fanciful jobs to our Baloch youngsters, why so much jobs now? The Levis force of Bolan and of other areas who were not given their salaries for many years back why now they are being given so many allowances? Have you ever thought on this? Today the Baloch youngsters are being offered commission in Pakistani forces, why? What are these vacancies for?

What is the object of our enemy behind this? Have you ever asked about this? The fact behind that is only to engage the Baloch people in killing each other, to kill their own Baloch brothers, our Pakistani and Punjabi enemy is giving few rupees to our Baloch brothers in order to kill their own Baloch brothers, thus from both sides Balochs are being killed , on one side the Baloch are being killed who are fighting for Baloch peoples independence and dignity and for their brilliant future while on the other side the Baloch are being killed but for their personal interests and greed, there for we request our Baloch brothers not to be a part of our enemy’s policies for personal benefits and don’t be used by the enemy, and if anyone becomes a part of the enemy policies and forces we will treat him as our enemy, we request our Baloch brothers not to be obstacles in our way and in our mission and if anyone hinders our way and works against Baloch national interests then we will treat him as our enemy and no excuse will be accepted, we request our people to convey our message to everyone, we have decided that even if our own brother, father or anyone else hinders our way for his own interests and for any kind of greed we will treat him as our enemy. Today a war of independence is underway and we are in state of war. Our bitter Punjabi enemy is working against us with full force he brought every evil on us in the shape of Hazaras (Farsi), Muhajirs and Punjabi settlers. The enemy is doing everything in order to destroy our national identity and to convert us into minority, the settlers have mixed up with us in such a way that we are being converted into minorities, therefore our friends the freedom fighters are struggling and trying their best to separate Baloch nation from the Punjabi settlers , our people should understand that whatever businesses are being run by the settlers in Balochistan are not for the interests of Baloch people but for the interests of the occupying enemy, they vote for our enemy, they demonstrate in favor of our enemy, their feelings are attached with our enemy and they never favor Baloch people they spy for our enemy against our people, we request you to stay away from them and don’t go near their vehicles or houses because they are always in our targets so we don’t want any innocent Baloch to be killed by us during such operations, therefore we request you not to be an obstacle or worry for us in our mission.

There are few sections in our Baloch society who want this war to be carried out according to their wishes without harming their personal interests but they must know that they are wrong we are fighting a war of independence.

We have also a request for our landlord Baloch people that if our friends blow up any electric pylon or tower in order to cause the enemy economical losses and if in such kind of operation our Baloch landlord brothers suffer a little bit losses we request them to be patient because these small sacrifices can give you very big benefits in future and you should not consider these attacks upon yourself and you should understand that these little farms and gardens can never be substitutes for our independence and only the farmers well–being can never be the well– being of the whole nation, we can feel their pain and these decisions are also very painful for us so we hope and expect from our farmer and landlord brothers that they will understand this war, feel the pains of their freedom fighter brothers and have great regard for the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, we expect that they will not be a part of the enemy propagandas for their petty interests. The enemy’s electricity with the continuous load-shedding can never be the substitute for our independence it is a curse for us its monthly bills are very heavy burden on us, we would like to tell you that we have not yet destroyed and jammed the whole electricity just because for you our farmer and landlord brothers otherwise this is not a big task for us.

Many our Baloch youngsters joined our Army after undergoing few hard tests, our enemy is trying to send some of our own Balochs as its secret service men into our Army and we are aware of them, we select only those youngsters with a good reputation and excellent moral character, this path is full of hardship and sacrifices one can lose his happiness ,all kinds of comforts, life and every thing if anyone is ready physically and mentally for this then he can join us other wise if anyone wants to follow this path for boasting then we request him not to join us.

Regarding the media we would like to tell that all TV channels and newspapers are completely state owned from their very inception they are working for the enemy state’s interests , few Baloch came forward and started publishing newspapers and these newspapers were known as Baloch newspapers but with the passage of time they changed their loyalty and adopted the phenomenon of give and take we just want to tell them that we are not threatening them but just keeping an eye on their acts and deeds and want to let them know that the time will change and by then they will be brought to justice when Baloch nation gets its independence and comes in power.

Long Live Balochistan

Long Live Baloch nation.

B.LA ( Balochistan Liberation Army )
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BLA message to the Baloch Nation
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