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 A Message from BLA`s spokesman to the Baloch Nation (part th

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تاريخ التسجيل : 12/07/2007

مُساهمةموضوع: A Message from BLA`s spokesman to the Baloch Nation (part th   2007-09-12, 11:50 am

A Message from BLA`s spokesman to the Baloch Nation

(part three )

Few people are very actively politicizing the Baloch issue and the blood of the martyrs for their own interests and making it a medium for their preparation for up-coming elections, we do not want to tell Balochs time and again, it is clear that since the last 60 years the democracy of this uncivilized state has given us nothing, a system where one side holds 220 seats and the other only 47 seats and where the decisions are made on majority bases can give us no benefit, out of those 47 half are their bought slaves and the remaining are dumb and deaf they can never benefit us, even when a resolution is passed it is not acted upon, the dams of Sindh and few Balochistan issues are live examples for that, even if those 47 dumb and deaf mal-functionaries oppose a cantonment project they are not listened. We will not allow any one to utilize the name of Baloch for their own interests and get benefit at the expense of Balochs, such sources will be brought to justice in the near future, we have decided to resist and will try our best to stop the elections as much as we can, so we request the Baloch nation to help us in this campaign to tell those puppets that they are not for us and we will not be steps for their interests, we appeal the Baloch nation to show their annoyance and anger to those vote beggars and remind them about their past, we appeal you to convey our this message to every Baloch.

Another thing felt and observed by our companions is regarding the kidnapping and disappearance of Baloch people, the evil enemy is kidnapping those people who do not surrender and seek for the independence, expecting sympathies and kindness from the enemy is very much illogical, protests and demonstrations are very good medium to make the world community aware of this uncivilized state’s cruelties and inhumanity and it is appreciable but we are noticing that our people are appealing the enemy for mercy, how can an enemy be a merciful? This is nothing than desecration of the ideologies of those abducted people who are struggling for the freedom. We appeal and request our people to avoid this kind of appeal to the enemy, protest should be done to make the world community aware but not to appeal for sympathy to the evil enemy, instead of that we should request the world community to pressurize our enemy to deal with our freedom fighter prisoners as the “prisoners of war “and they should be treated according to the Geneva convention rules. We also would like to advice our sleeping Baloch brothers to follow the path of those freedom fighters, we should tell the world community that the Baloch fighters are fighting for the freedom of their mother land, we should not expect any good from the courts of the enemy because these courts are not for us we should not submit justifications and should not declare our freedom fighters as farmers, we request you to convey this message to every Baloch.

Finally we would like to tell our people that the free Baloch state will be a role model and exemplary state for everyone. Justice, equality and peace of this free Baloch state will be an example for every nation, so support the freedom fighters in achieving this objective and join us to make our force stronger to teach our enemy a lesson so that it should remember the Baloch nation whenever it thinks of plundering and looting any other nations.

May Baloch succeed in getting their lost independence.

Long live Baloch nation.

Long live Balochistan.

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A Message from BLA`s spokesman to the Baloch Nation (part th
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